I offer individual adult and adolescent talk therapy sessions, individual play therapy for children age preschool and older, family therapy, and couples therapy.  

Therapy can address the following issues:    Anxiety - Panic Attacks - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Stress Management - Social Anxiety - Depression - Bi-polar Disorder - Seasonal Affect Disorder - Postpartum Depression - Grief & Loss - Dysfunctional Relationships - Life Transitions - Spiritual/Religious Issues - Alcohol Use - Drug Use - Anorexia - Bulimia - Binge Eating - Eating Disorders - Self Esteem - Body Image Issues


Individual Adult Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy usually consists of weekly sessions for either an indefinite or predetermined period of time.  Therapy is most effective over the course of many sessions.  My role as the therapist is to facilitate the process, illuminate narrative themes, and to offer reflections, however it is the client who leads each session. My desire is that our collaborative work will be what brings insight and healing. 

Adolescent Therapy

I specialize in working with teenagers who struggle with mental health and drug use (co-occuring disorders), as well as eating disorders. Other areas of focus include depression, anxiety, body image issues, and self esteem. 

Play Therapy With Children

During each session, toys and art supplies will be available for the child to choose an activity for the hour.  The child will guide the session, and I will join her or him as I am invited to play, by offering reflective statements designed to follow the child's affect and thought process. The goal of play therapy is to build and strengthen the child's capacity for a broad range of emotion, as well as teach the child skills for coping with negative emotions. I also offer parent-coaching sessions so you can learn to implement these therapeutic interventions at home.